We specialize in applying paint over plastic substrates, and our plant is equipped to handle mass production jobs as well as smaller production runs. Our facility houses a fully automated Class A paint line outfitted with the newest technology air filtering systems, proportional mixing stations that assure highest degree of ratio accuracy and intelligent painting robots that operate repeatedly and productively. We also run a manual coating line and have eight manual 3 coat painting lines. Along with conventional curing systems, we also have inline fast-cure infrared ovens that save energy and time.
The types of polymers we commonly paint include ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and other plastics. We offer an extensive selection of 1K and 2K coating systems with a range of performance and protective properties. We also offer custom masking for duel colours in same part. By designing custom paint masks that fit your product perfectly, we produce precise paint edges and clean trim lines with no overspray. Our processes are continuously monitored to ensure accurate and repeatable results, even over the longest production runs. We have a significant presence in the automotive industry and have strong capabilities for painting both interior and exterior components. Our capabilities include the part size ranging from 5 mm to 1800 in length and 1000 mm in width.