Real Feel Technology

Real Feel Touch Technology introduces a series of method steps and parameters for creating decorative plastic surfaces that not only look like wood, rock, metals, and textiles but also provide a realistic tactile experience on any three-dimensional (3D) surface. This Real Feel Touch Technology product process consist of 3 major process , Printing ( Screen Printing , Digital Printing , offset printing and Functional printing ), Vaccum Forming or High pressure thermoforming and Textured Injection molding.
In existing technology, plastic decorative components offer only a visual representation of product textures, lacking the tactile sensation. For example, current automotive door trim plastic parts may resemble wood visually but do not feel like wood when touched.
The method of the present invention involving the RFT technology can be used in the automotive industry, home appliances, aircraft interiors, bus interiors, set-up boxes, water jars, and other plastic decorative articles.
ACT has applied for Domestic Patent to "Intellectual Property right of India“ for the Real Feel Touch Technology Patent providing an edge over texture finishes in Decorative Plastics.