Cubic Printing

Cubic printing, also known as hydrographic printing or water transfer printing, is a process used to apply intricate patterns and designs onto three-dimensional objects. First, the object is cleaned and primed to ensure a smooth surface. A thin film with the desired pattern is floated on the surface of a water tank, typically made of water-soluble material like PVA and printed with inks that dissolve in water. An activator solution is applied, causing the film to dissolve and activate the ink.
The primed object is carefully dipped into the water tank, allowing the film to wrap around its surface due to surface tension. After dipping, the object is rinsed to remove excess film and dried. Additional finishing steps like clear coating may be applied.
Cubic printing is used to decorate various objects including automotive parts, sporting goods, electronics, and household items, offering the advantage of applying complex designs to irregular shapes cost-effectively.