Combining the decoration process with the molding process adds durability; decreases manufacturing costs by eliminating post-molding labelling, handling and storage. It also enables design flexibility. IMD allows for a wide range of colors, effects, textures, and graphic options and can replicate stainless steel, wood grain and carbon fiber. IMD is commonly used on washers and dryers because of its affordability and durability.
We also take up projects that may need in-mold decoration (IMD) to include an image or coating on a plastic surface. This process involves printing a high-quality image on a heat-resistant plastic film that will hold up to the stress of in-molding. The printed film is inserted into the open plastic injection mold and held in place via vacuum ports or electrostatic charge while the mold is closed. Once closed, plastic resin is injected into the mold, encapsulating the label to the finished part.